Melissa Meeks’ Lingerie Divorce Party: Why Hot Felon’s GF Chloe Green Is ‘Embarrassed’ For Her

Melissa Meeks is throwing herself a lingerie divorce celebration party in Vegas.  We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how ex Jeremy’s heiress fiancée Chloe Green finds it pathetic and embarrassing.

Scorned Melissa Meeks is celebrating her divorce from hot felon Jeremy, 33, in a massive and very public way. She’s throwing herself a lingerie celebration party at a Las Vegas strip club. The tagline for the posters says “From Ex-Con to Ex-Wife,” as she’s milking her fame of being the jilted wife of the sexy model. Jeremy’s fiancée and new baby mama Chloe Green, 27, thinks the whole thing is completely pitiful. “Chloe very busy being a new mom, she’s loving every moment with her beautiful baby boy. But that’s not stopped her from paying attention to Jeremy’s ex Melissa, it’s impossible not to. Melissa is still very much a thorn in Chloe’s side,” a source close to the TopShop heiress tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Melissa and Jeremy share an 8-year-old son Jeremy Jr. so they’ll never be fully out of each other’s lives. That’s something that has Chloe frustrated. “Melissa still contacts Jeremy all the time and tries to manipulate him into paying attention to her. Chloe’s convinced that Melissa is doing this whole divorce party just to get Jeremy’s attention and she thinks it’s pathetic, she’s embarrassed for her,” the insider adds.

Melissa’s bash is on June 30 at Las Vegas’ Crazy Horse III strip club. The poster art features the 37-year-old in a black sheer bra and undies while holding on to a pair of handcuffs to highlight her status of being the jilted wife of the hot felon. The former nurse got a full body makeover in Sept. of 2017  thanks to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, upgrading her boobs to a D-cup, getting botox and lip fillers and even a vaginaplasty! Now she’s showing it off in the sexy art.

Melissa Meeks

The self-esteem boosting makeover came three months after Jeremy filed for divorce to be with the British heiress, who he started dating after they met at a fashion show in Cannes in May of 2017. The couple just welcomed their first child, son Jayden on May 29, just a year after first getting together. As annoying at Melissa’s divorce party is to Chloe, at least it means she and Jeremy will finally be free to marry.

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